About Us

We serve as the most effective funding force in supporting, strengthening and growing nonprofits in the Carlsbad community.

Carlsbad Charitable Foundation

In 2007, a group of Carlsbad residents and community leaders came together to create Carlsbad Charitable Foundation (CCF).

Working in partnership with San Diego Foundation, the purpose of this charitable foundation is to increase responsible and effective philanthropy to provide for the future of Carlsbad through a community endowment.


Our Purpose

We improve our quality of life and meet emerging needs through responsible philanthropy, our community endowment, annual grantmaking, and legacy planning that will benefit Carlsbad, now and forever.

Carlsbad Charitable Foundation Logo

Our mission is to celebrate and invest in Carlsbad.

We Are On A Mission

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Give Carlsbad community members a vehicle for legacy planning and gifts that will benefit Carlsbad now and forever.

Carlsbad Village

Provide consistent funding annually to Carlsbad nonprofit organizations, aiding in their mission to serve and uplift the community.

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Build a Carlsbad community endowment to ensure a perpetual source of support for the betterment of Carlsbad.

Meet Our Members

* Founder

Board of Directors

  • Bret Schanzenbach


  • *Karen Pearson

    Vice Chair

  • *Justin Peek

    Membership Chair

  • *Stefan Prvanov


  • Renee Cohen

    Events Chair

  • Matthew Anderson

    Grants Chair

  • *Hollyce Phillips

    Legacy Chair

  • *Carlton Lund

    Special Projects Chair

  • Polly Williams

    Governance Chair

  • *Jim Brubaker


  • Justin Frank

  • Dale Isaacs

  • *Sandy Lund

  • *Ray Pearson

  • JR Phillips

  • Carl Pinkard

  • Chris Ryan

Corporate Members

Contact Us

For more information or to join today, contact us at hello@celebratecarlsbad.org or (619) 791-1773.

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